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Top 5 Mistakes You Make When Packing for a Trip

Top 5 mistakes You Make When Packing for a Trip | Get it right every time from now on! Expert tips from a travel pro ( @marlameridith )

You are all set to go on an epic journey. Let’s face it, packing is one of the most important ways to set the intention of your trip. It’s important to get it right! Here are 5 tips to get the trip started right…


Make a list, think things through. There’s nothing worse than forgetting that hot dress or great pair of jeans.  Bringing too much can weigh you down & it leaves no room for all the things you might want to buy. Remember to cross off items that you’ve packed. If you don’t, then you’ve lost the point of the checklist. There’s nothing more embarrassing then trying to re-pack an over packed bag in the security line after they’ve ripped through your bag.


I put out a travel box a few days before I travel & I add important items to it when I think of them (hello passport)  My things are good to go when I am. My dad gave me that tip years ago & I always remember & use it!


Download a simple weather app & it will tell you everything you need to know. Take a good look at temperature fluctuations too. Some places change dramatically between day and night. (EXPAND)


Nothing sucks more than getting painful blisters on a trip. Something so small can hurt like crazy. When I travel I walk as much as I can to see new things & I cover miles a day. I don’t want anything getting in the way of that. Know your shoes well before you end up wrecked by them. A new pair might become your worst enemy if not broken in right.

Bring Band-AIDS in case you do get a sore spot.


Have you ever had a bottle burst or leak in your suitcase? I’ve wrecked a suede skirt, books, cashmere sweaters & more. Don’t let this happen to you. Pack your toiletries in zip top plastic bags to be safe. I guarantee you something will leak, it always does.

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~ Marla Meridith

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Mistakes You Make When Packing for a Trip

  1. I ALWAYS make a list now, because I was a chronic overpacker!! I go through the days, what activities we’ll be doing, if there will be laundry available…. i also try to make sure there is room in my bag for purchases. never know what might pop out while youre there, and i need room to bring it home hahah

  2. The travel box idea is great and I do the same but just with a grocery bag. Sometimes when I know I’m going to be gone for weeks at a time, I start pre-thinking of things I know I’ll want to bring but will likely forget right at crunch time so I start putting things in my bag as they pop into my brain. Love your travel tips posts!

  3. The travel box is an excellent idea! I’m going to start using one.

    I find that restocking my toiletry bag shortly after a trip works as well. That way, I’m never scrambling to pack it.