Tzatziki Sauce


If you are a lover of Greek food & Mediterranean flavors like I am then you gotta have this sauce on hand! I use it with so many recipes including this delicious Greek Flatbread with Tzaziki Sauce.




Tzatziki Sauce is a classic dip & dressing. It’s a super tasty yogurt sauce with hints of mint, dill, garlic & chopped cucumber…the perfect compliment to your grilled meats & veggies. Add it to your summer wraps! My recipe will knock your socks off…..




This sauce is supposed to be very thick..make sure you use the most strained yogurt you can find. Or you can use a cheese cloth & strain it yourself!


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Use this Tzatziki Sauce on these recipes!


~ Marla Meridith

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6 thoughts on “Tzatziki Sauce

  1. I LOVE tzatziki! So much so that I’ve taken to naming some of my gaming characters after it. I like the idea of topping it with smoked paprika. So trying that next time I make a batch.