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Happy Post – 15 Amazing Holiday Gifts for $15 & Under

MarlaMeridith.com holiday wish list, stocking stuffers

How many people do you have on your gift list this year? Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or something else chances are you are all ready in shopping mode (if you have not finished all ready) Whether or not you have a tight budget, these little somethings are nice to give to teachers, friends and co-workers. You could also use them as stocking stuffers.

These are items I like and I think you will too. The gifts are diverse and you should be able to find at least one for everyone on your list.

Please add your own links at the bottom of the post: cookie recipes, hand made crafts or items you can purchase at the store. Stuff that makes you happy. Let’s start shopping!

Children with vintage instagram actions

1) Sticky Grams: Turn your Instagram photos into magnets! True little keepsakes of you favorite clicks! per pack of 9 magnets $14.99

Here’s a tip: when looking for online gifts you can usually sort by price or the sort of gift you are looking for. Usually you can sort using both of those categories at once. For instance check out Abe’s Market, on the left hand side bar you can choose the kinds of products you are looking for and then the price range. This keeps you in the zone you want to be in. A lot of online stores have this feature.

OK, back to holiday shopping! Oh is this fun.

Online holiday FoodieCrush magazine by Heidi

2) FoodieCrush Magazine We have all been eagerly awaiting my friend Heidi’s online holiday magazine. She publishes the wonderful blog FoodieCrush where she loves up the food blogging community. Her first full magazine is spectacular.

You can print out a copy for your favorite blogger pal or for someone else you know and love. Dress it up in ribbons and bows. They will throw you kisses forever. Yours truly has a cookie recipe in there. Maybe I have a ‘lil feature on page 50. Just saying. Priceless. $The cost of ink and printer paper

MarlaMeridith.com holiday wish list from Abe's Market
3) Chocolate: For the chocolate lover (quite frankly I don’t know anyone who is not a chocolate lover) here are a few treats within budget over at Abe’s Market.

4) Books: We all need great books that entertain us and teaches us to think outside the box. Here are a few I know you will love written by some of my best blogger pals. Yes, I am grouping these 5 books into one of the 15 categories. Just go with it.

I have noticed that a lot of these books have Kindle additions that can be purchased for less than the printed ones.

Marla Meridith budget holiday gift wish list

5) Cake Pops Kit  The fabulous Bakerella is at it again and this time you have all kinds of goodies in this box to help you get started making those stunning cake pops. If you are going for a bigger gift, a combo pack of the Cake Pops book and this kit would be a true treat! $13.57

MarlaMeridith.com holiday wish list

6) Farmer’s Egg Crate: Admit it. I know all you foodies want this little porcelain Farmer’s Egg Crate from Anthropologie. I think if most of us could live in that store we absolutely would.

I want the sky color, no maybe the white. OK. Both! each crate $14.00

Porcelain egg crates from Anthropologie

7) Kikkerland Magnetic Timer: Not only is this 55 minute timer adorable but it is a magnet that sticks to your fridge and it comes in an array of fun colors. I have the sky/Tiffany blue color. It is by the company Kikkerland and I found mine at Anthropologie. I told you I live there.

You can score one at Amazon.com for just $13.50

Kikkerland magnetic kitchen timer

8) Flavored Sea SaltsTrader Joe’s has become my go-to grocery store. They are so in touch with hot food trends and they offer high quality ingredients at amazing prices. I stumbled upon this four pack of flavored sea salts the other day and grabbed them immediately. They even have built in grinders.

I love you TJ’s oh yes I do… A four pack (one of each flavor pictured) will cost you a whopping $7.99 

Trader Joe's flavored sea salt gift pack on MarlaMeridith.com wish list

9) United States Map Puzzle: For any kid you know or adults who want to better their geography skills, how about this bright and cheery map puzzle by Melissa and Doug. It measures 2 feet by 3 feet when assembled so you can’t miss it. All 51 states waiting for you to put back together again.

All of this fun can be yours for just $12.99

Favorite budget holiday gifts on MarlaMeridith.com blog

We love the Melissa and Doug toy company, they have so many fun & unique items. They have loads of pretend food play too. The felt and wooden food sets are a kick. They are slightly over our $15.00 price point. You should check ’em out anyway while you are getting this puzzle. The Sweet Treat Tower, Pizza, Cutting Food and Sandwich Making Set are some favorites.

10) Gift Cards: Razzle dazzle me with gift cards in any amount and I will be your BFF for life. $5.00  $15.00

Here are a few popular options for you:

11) Digital Design Kits: Is there a scrapbooker in your world? How about someone who likes to decorate everything in sight? Look no further. Here are some eye candy vintage embroidery decorations to download from Jessica Sprague.com. While over there you must check out all of the offerings. You might never leave!
Design packs start at $1.94 each
Budget holiday gift wish list by Marla Meridith

12) Candles: Let’s face it candles can be a cliché gift, but we all do love them. These Paddywax Travel Candles are cute and smell so great you might want to purchase one of each flavor. $5.00 each

MarlaMeridith.com holiday wish gift list

13) One Year Magazine SubscriptionBon Appétit and Everyday Food are two of my favorites.

marla meridith giveaway on MarlaMeridith.com

The nice thing about this gift is it automatically keeps on giving each and every month! $15.00 per subscription

Marla Meridith budget holiday gift wish list

14) Exercise Bands No excuses now! You can exercise any where you go when you have a little bit of resistance to add to your world. I use mine on walks too. This little kit is really useful for folks who don’t have a gym membership or for people who are always on the go. They are great to use when you travel. $13.87 for the set

Marla Meridith budget holiday gift wish list

15) Homemade Goodies: Last but not least…Nothing screams holiday cheer more than making little gifts and treats at home. My Homemade Peppermint Candy Cane Marshmallows with hot cocoa mix will be sure to impress. Pack some up in mason jars with little gift tags and you are good to go. If you don’t have time to make the marshmallows (even though they are very easy) go ahead and use store bought ones. $a few bucks

Jelly jars with homemade marshmallows & hot chocolate mix

Here is a quick glimpse at those purty marshmallows…

Homemade marshmallows for the holidays in hot chocolate

Graphic for Happy Post on MarlaMeridith.com blog

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*The prices of these items are subject to fluctuations. These were the prices I found at the date of publishing. Everything was chosen by me and was not endorsed or sponsored by any of the gifts listed. Good luck with that holiday shopping!

~ Marla Meridith

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57 thoughts on “Happy Post – 15 Amazing Holiday Gifts for $15 & Under

  1. I will take 1 of each :). Okay, at least 1 of each of the books!

    I’m all about making gifts to save money. Baked goods always and this year I’m even getting crafty and making a cute coat hanger. Plus we’re brewing beer for all the guys. We’re all about budgets over here and making gifts helps save.

    1. Heather, I am loving the clever gift ideas you have. If you post them please be sure to link them up in this post. I am sure folks would love to see those hangars. I do have each of those books in my collection and they are FABULOUS!

  2. Love thIs list! I’m sending the link for the egg crate to my husband as we speak. Or as I type. Thank you so for featuring the mag, it’s a thrill to feature amazing talents in the foodie yumisphere. Is that even a word? It is now! XOXO to you for always being such a huge supporter of the community.

    1. Yay! That makes me so happy that this list makes you so happy 🙂 Hopefully your hubs or Santa gets you a few things off this wish list!

  3. This post is really helpful!

    Though I do want to point out – there are only 50 states, not 51. 🙂 Puerto Rico isn’t a state YET, but maybe someday!

  4. Oh I am loving every single thing about this post!

    Your energy, your spirit, your happiness is contagious! in this post!

    And lovin’ the gift ideas from Matt’s book to Heidi’s magazine to the TJ’s spices. Seriously LOVE it. And that it’s budget-friendly. That is very key for so many folks…great work!

    1. Thanks Averie! I did have oodles of fun putting this post together. Certainly an eclectic grouping of gifts. Glad you had fun with it 🙂

    1. Dara, I never can have enough cookbooks over here either. The best ones are being written our friends these days! The egg crates could be used for so many fun things. Would be a nice way to store crafty things too. You are right-we need them for ourselves and as gifts 🙂

  5. Fantastic ideas! My favorite are the egg crates. Every time I see an Anthropologie kitchen product online, I swoon…but I’ve never actually gone in to a store to browse! Maybe it’s better that way. 😉

  6. Loved this post, Marla — these ideas are all so cute! The magnets are an especially adorable idea. For things like neighbor/co-worker gifts, I like to make homemade candy (toffee and caramel are always sure winners), put them in mason jars, and decorate them with pretty ribbon!

  7. LOVE this post! Very good ideas. I really want that egg crate & also those cute little Farmers Market baskets they have 🙂 I keep one in my online shopping cart at all times.. About to pull the trigger lol.

  8. Oh my, I really do want them all! And at under 15 dollars each, why not :P?

    I love that egg-crate the most though, I’ve actually been eyeing it for quite some time. Now that it’s the holidays, I have a reason to get it!

  9. First off – your pics always make me smile. They show you and your family always having a great time. 🙂 Love that. Beyond that… we have the map puzzle and love it. I have to admit we had to cheat at first for the western part of the country. Oops. So many things on this list I’d love! Either already had them in wishlists or just added them. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Rachel, I would need to cheat on that puzzle too. Really cool that you have one! I am so happy you like my list, glad I could inspire yours 🙂

  10. I had those egg crates from Anthropologie on my wish list this year, too! Along with their Farmer’s Market Baskets… too cute for words! Your list inspired me to write one on my blog today, too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jennifer, that photo cracks me up too! One night he was playing in the sink & I was totally messing around with him. At first it was one big pony type thing on the top of his head & then I went in for the pig tails. A once in a life time moment! Glad you like the list. Everyone did enjoy those marshmallows 🙂

  11. Love this list and will definitely be using it- any chance you can add half a book?!!! I know it has to be under $15 but perhaps check off two people on the list with one copy of MADE IN AMERICA ; )

    1. Lucy, I almost had to change the list to fit your amazing book in there. Perhaps I need to do a $30 or under list next? I was thinking about it. Come to think of it I really need an assistant!

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  13. What great ideas, Marla. I had no idea about the instagram magnets…love Instagram and this idea! I need to get myself a copy of Girl Hunter and I love your candy cane marshmallows…yum! ~Happy Holidays ~

  14. Marla, I love this post!! Who doesn’t need a little help this time of year with the gifts, right? Great, happy goodies, and such a great variety! xoxo, Andrea