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I started this blog in 2009 when I was a new mom. You might remember this website in it’s former incarnation as Family Fresh Cooking. The focus then was on creating delicious, healthy meals for busy families. These days I’ve kept that focus, but broadened the themes. You will find plentiful posts on mouth watering food, but I’ve also brought in even more lifestyle elements. There have been so many curiosities on our move to the mountains.

We transitioned to the high country, Telluride, Colorado in 2003. With that move my entire world opened up. The skies got bigger, the mountains become my inspiration & we’ve carved out a lifestyle based on outdoor fun! My love of the alpine lifestyle inspires my travel choices too…you will often find me jet setting around the globe to other stunning mountain towns in Switzerland, Canada, Italy & many more. These journeys inspire my recipes, photography, fashions & increase my connections to this beautfiul world.

I am a proud mom to two amazing kids & two beautiful rescued hound dogs. They keep me on my toes all the time!

Through the years I’ve become a trusted resource for home chefs, world travelers, fashionistas and active lifestyle enthusiasts everywhere. When you visit you can be assured to find wonderful recipes, lip smacking libations, selective ingredient recommendations, lifestyle tips, themed crafts, breathtaking photography & more! The Marla Meridith brand has been featured all over the web, print & TV. I welcome you to visit my Press page to learn more.

I would be happy to send you my Media Profile if you would like to do business together. Please contact me anytime

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This website is here to inspire a beautiful & easy going lifestyle. Topics range from healthy recipes to active luxury travel, DIY crafts, fashion & whatever inspires me on a daily basis! Feel free to send me ideas for new posts. I want to write about what you wish to know about!

Marla Meridith
Recipes + Food

My mission is for my family to stay fit and strong both mentally and physically. Daily we have multiple opportunities to decide what food to eat. Certain foods make us feel great, while others destroy our moods and energy levels. Whole food ingredients and mindful eating behaviors allow us to live healthy, happy lives. The most important thing is to never feel deprived, as food is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I also create many cocktails. We all need to unwind right?!

My recipes and lifestyle tips should:

  • Help you create ideas, heighten awareness and have fun with daily meal planning.
  • Encourage you to have healthy, fresh ingredients using as much organic and sustainable items you can find.
  • Focus on mindful eating and portion control to keep us looking and feeling our best. 10 Secrets to Skinny is a great post for this.
  • Encourage you to eat 6 small meals a day. This way you can keep energy levels high and avoid energy crashes and “pig-outs.”
  • Help to enlighten and demystify the home cooking experience. My mission is to keep it real, healthy and delicious. My Project Lunch Box has been a huge success and it follows this plan of action.
  • Share alternatives to refined sugars. Most of my recipes are sugar free.
  • Provide healthy tips and techniques that work for me and the family as often as possible. The recipes will be my own creations, if adaptations from others are used they will be cited.
  • Provide resources that can assist us to seek out a wealth of information and keep us on track. References will include magazines, other blogs, websites, cookbooks and other inspirational material.
  • Make you smile with pretty pictures of food that encourage you to cook at home.
  • Serve as an exchange of ideas, I will share ideas and then you guys can post your comments. Together we can craft tools, tricks and techniques to stay fit and well fed.

Healthy turkey sandwich, fresh fruit and frittata.


I love traveling to beautiful places around the globe with my camera glued to my face. I cover food, scenery, culture, activities & breathtaking hotels. I work with many chefs in their kitchens…a wonderfully intimate space to learn the in’s and outs of cooking & the restaurant world.

I’m an active traveler, so you will always find me out in the elements…skiing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, etc…

Gorrono Ranch, Telluride Ski Resort Colorado

DIY + Crafts + More

My textile and graphic design background has me peek out from behind the camera lens from time to time to bring you craft projects, ColorFresh palettes and lots more!

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