Baked Honey Harissa Chicken Wings

Chicken wings have always been a favorite of mine…a beckoning source of calories after a late night out on the town back at Syracuse University. My friends and I would order a feast of wings from a place called Sal’s Birdland and dive into them with fierce ambition. Smothering mine in blue cheese and chomping away until sleep beckoned.


These days I prefer my chicken wings at a way earlier hour (like happy hour) and I love gourmet flavor twists. I bet you will love the flavors in my Baked Honey Harissa Chicken Wings. Harissa is a fragrant North African spice blend that you can find in a paste or powder. I use the powder in this recipe, but either would offer delicious results. You can find this spice at most markets and definitely at Middle Eastern specialty stores. You can also whip up my Harissa Yogurt Sauce, a cooling dip that compliments these wings perfectly.


Baked Honey Harissa Chicken Wings #recipe |


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Baked Honey Harissa Chicken Wings #recipe |

~ Marla Meridith

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