Plum Ginger Semifreddo

Calling all ice cream lovers: this Plum Ginger Semifreddo is such a delicious dessert and super easy to make at home. Ribbons of homemade plum ginger sauce run through a rich, creamy vanilla ice cream.


Have you noticed all the beautiful plums in the markets lately? I sure have! Where I live in Telluride they are mostly red and purple fleshed. Here in France (where I’m visiting now) there are shades of yellow, green and of course plum! If you’ve never made a semifreddo now is your chance. It’s a delicious ice cream recipe that requires no ice cream maker. It is handy to have a stand mixer but a hand mixer works just fine too. In case you have neither you can take some extra time and muscle to whisk the ingredients by hand. 


Plum Ginger Semifreddo recipe | #recipe #icecream


Click HERE for the recipe.

Plum Ginger Semifreddo recipe | #recipe #icecream


Isn’t the color of this just gorgeous?! You can drizzle extra sauce over the top or not before serving. You can also scoop the semifreddo out of the baking mold or tip it our and slice.

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Plum Ginger Semifreddo recipe | #recipe #icecream




~ Marla Meridith

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4 thoughts on “Plum Ginger Semifreddo

  1. I always feel bad that such a great dessert has “semi” in the title. I know it doesn’t refer to the deliciousness factor but I’m like baby, you’re not semi, you’re mega! Delicious. This looks like a particularly mega semifreddo <3