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Yoga Retreat in Mallorca

By Marla Meridith / January 12th

  I've been wanting to visit Spain for years now, but I've been looking for the perfect opportunity to plan a trip. This summer I met the fabulous Karl Straub here in my home town at the Telluride Yoga Festival. He taught a number of classes at the festival and I loved his unique style and fun filled personality. I ...Read More

10 Easy Commitments to Make 2019 the Best Year Ever!

By Marla Meridith / January 1st

  Happy 2019!! Let's all make this year a GREAT one together. There's nothing like starting the new year off with some easy resolutions and commitments to make it prosperous. These 12 commitments are ones that I live by every single day. They have really changed my life for the better. I hope you enjoy this list, I've kept it ...Read More

Vegan Maple Golden Milk

By Marla Meridith / April 24th

I've become so obsessed with Golden Milk....especially this vegan recipe I'm sharing with you. I love to drink this milky tea first thing in the morning and in the afternoon. It's filled with great for you ingredients and tastes like a slightly sweet treat. This drink is very popular in the world of yoga and ayurveda. It's golden color swoons, ...Read More

Telluride Yoga Festival 2018

By Marla Meridith / April 18th

What's on your travel bucket list this summer? How about a trip to beautiful Telluride, CO?! Bookmark the dates July 19-22, 2018, it's our 11th annual Telluride Yoga Festival. They say that "You come for the winter, but you stay for the summer." So that means watch out, you might never leave once you visit!   No matter what level yogi/yogini ...Read More

Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Crested Butte, Colorado

By Marla Meridith / February 28th

I've just embarked on a super amazing life challenge: Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. I've been doing yoga for so many years and I've always felt a connection to it, but not as deeply as I have over the past few months. They say life's great obstacles can dictate reasons for big personal changes. That's more or less what happened to ...Read More

The Best Athleisure Brands You Need to Know

By Marla Meridith / February 17th

Athleisure, it's become one of the hottest trends in fashion ever since Lululemon hit the market. What exactly is Athleisure? It's comfy, fashionable clothes that take you from the yoga, pilates studio or gym to the coffee shop in style. It's the most brilliant thing for girls on the go. It blends form, function, fashion and beauty. Could we active ...Read More

Holiday Gifts for Yogis

By Marla Meridith / December 18th

If you are like me then there are plenty of yogis in your life. I found yoga (or it found me) many years ago and it has been an important part of my life ever since. I attend yoga classes throughout the week, sometimes I even make it to 2 classes a day. Whether you practice everyday, once a week or ...Read More

10 Meatless Monday Recipes You Can’t Live Without!

By Marla Meridith / October 24th

#MeatlessMonday started as a trend but is sticking, thank goodness!  If you search my blog you will find lots of meatless meals to choose from. It's always amazing to me how we can enjoy so many satisfying & filling meals without the meat.   Here are some of my favorite recipes. I hope you enjoy them too. If you cook ...Read More

6 Winter Weight Loss Tips You Can Count On!

By Marla Meridith / January 10th

  So many of you have asked on here and Instagram how I can be a food & lifestyle blogger and stay so skinny. I LOVE the winter, honestly it's my favorite season. (Maybe that's part of the reason why I chose to live at 10,000 feet at a ski resort.) Trust me. There are plenty of opportunities to stay ...Read More

6 Must-Have Exercise Tools for Home & Travel

By Marla Meridith / January 7th

You never know when the urge to workout is gonna hit. I squeeze in sets and reps at the most impromptu times. People always ask how I stay in such great shape. Not only do I eat a well balanced, we portioned diet. I lift weights when taking work breaks too...this gets the blood pumping and helps realign my body. Try it ...Read More