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15 Winter Activities You Gotta Try!

By Marla Meridith / January 8th

As you all probably know by now I live in a winter wonderland, Telluride, Colorado! I live for the snow & when it flies I'm out there for every snowflake! Winter fun isn't just for the kids (though it's really fun have them join you) Go get some gear, a guide, a pal or your pet. Enjoy that blissful winter ...Read More

Telluride Yoga Festival

By Marla Meridith / June 25th

Yoga.ahhhhh. When I discovered this meditative exercise a decade ago I was sold immediately. Whether you are looking for restorative, hard core, insightful or a dang good sweaty might just be your thing too. If it isn't all ready. Last summer I attended the Telluride Yoga Festival. It is coming up around the bend. What could be better than ...Read More

10 (MORE) Skinny Secrets Revealed

By Marla Meridith / January 22nd

How is your 2013 going? I hope it is off to a great start! I watch the end of a year from the sidelines as folks bring on the wild eating habits. That's not my thing ~ the new year hits and it's all about cleanses, guilty feelings and attempts at weight loss. I prefer the sidelines and walking the ...Read More

Averie Sunshine: Love Veggies and Yoga Guest Post

By Marla Meridith / February 10th

Say the words Averie Sunshine 3 times and I guarantee you will smile.  Averie is a great friend of mine and I am thrilled to share her with you today as my guest! We have known each other since we started our blogs back in 2009. We hit it off online and are lucky enough to see each other for reals ...Read More

Why Exercise Works: Fitness A True Gift

By Marla Meridith / January 14th

I have this awesome friend from Telluride named Chris Rauchnot. You might remember him from last summer. He is the one my hubs and I went mushroom hunting with. Chris and I met a number of years back at the Telluride Elks Club for the annual spaghetti cook-off and we hit it off immediately. We have lots in common, some of ...Read More

10 Secrets to Skinny

By Marla Meridith / October 21st

Seems to be that no matter what time of year it is people are on the quest for tips on healthy eating, fitness, how to feel energetic and wide awake. It is all about creating positive habits that work for you. And really making them habits. Happy habits... Be nice. I grabbed someone in my class at Telluride Yoga and had ...Read More

Happy Healthy Slimmer New Year

By Marla Meridith / January 3rd

I hope you all had a safe, happy, fun, tasty & peaceful New Years. Did you write down any resolutions? I did not, however I do have day to day benchmarks I strive for. Mindfulness, health, happiness, accessibility, openness, adventure seeking, love & honesty are a few key words that govern my life. Daily. Not just because it is a new ...Read More