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Greek Barley Salad

By Marla Meridith / June 8th

This time of the year salads are the go-to meals for a lot of us. The weather is warmer and we crave lighter foods with no loss of flavor. I cannot have enough amazing salad recipes and this Greek Barley Salad is a nice diversion from standard salads. Grain based salads are not only delicious, but they keep energy levels ...Read More

Americana No-Bake Cheesecake

By Marla Meridith / June 4th

July 4th is my favorite holiday..from the celebratory parade here in Telluride, CO. to the fireworks and all the parties that come along with it. I can't even count how many events I go to both day and night on the 4th. There is one thing that's for certain, this Americana No-Bake Cheesecake will be in attendance too. This takes ...Read More

Blueberry Pie Cookies

By Marla Meridith / May 24th

Raise your hand if you love summer for all the fresh, fruity pies you get to enjoy! I just love this time of the year...all the fresh berries beckon. Instead of baking up a pie, how about a blueberry pie in cookie form? These Blueberry Pie Cookies are so delicious and I dare you to try eating just one! The ...Read More

Vegan Raspberry Steel Cut Oatmeal

By Marla Meridith / May 13th

With the start of a brand new week it's nice to have a healthy breakfast to look forward to! We love this Vegan Raspberry Steel Cut Oatmeal for any day of the week. The great news is, you can plan ahead and make it the night before so everyone has a delish meal to wake up to. Click HERE for ...Read More

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast in Bed

By Marla Meridith / May 11th

Are you wondering what to do for mom this Mother's Day? Well look no further than right here. Speaking from experience (because I'm a mom) and I love my bed and food..nothing is more glamorous than sleeping in and being treated to the perfect breakfast in bed. There are a few things that make it all so right. Here are ...Read More

Sparkling Fuzzy Navel Cocktail

By Marla Meridith / April 13th

As the weather heats up for (not yet here in the Rocky Mountains) it's time to think about sunny, quenching cocktails. The Fuzzy Navel is a classic...and with a hit of fizzy water it's made that much better. All you need are three ingredients for a rock star cocktail, Peach Schnapps, orange juice and sparkling water. Enjoy! Click HERE for ...Read More

Southern Banana Pudding

By Marla Meridith / March 11th

  Sometimes even mountain girls need a taste of the South. The other day I found my self with a bunch of bananas and a BIG craving for Southern Banana Pudding. What makes this dessert so extra special is the rich and creamy vanilla pudding layered with vanilla wafers and sliced bananas. Thats all topped off with pillows of meringue. If ...Read More

Brown Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Marla Meridith / February 23rd

  I have no doubt that this easy recipe for Brown Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies will quickly become your favorite! They come together super quickly and will be devoured in minutes. You can have a warm batch of cookies on the table in under 30 minutes. The brown butter adds to the flavor and makes these cookies so memorable. Toss ...Read More