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“Vintage Stitches” Holiday Gift Tag Printables

Homemade Granola & *Freebie* DIY Holiday Gift Tag Printables on

I have so many fun gifts coming up for you my sweet readers over the next few weeks. I want to play Santa and spoil y’all with love, recipes and all kinds of crafty creations. Does that sound cool? I sure hope so. Today I am sharing these ‘lil gift tags I designed. I hope you can decorate your pretty presents with them.

It is a holiday craft. Yup, I checked in with my sparkly, crafty side…and came out with free printable gift tags!

*Freebie* DIY Holiday Gift Tag Printables on

I named these tags “Vintage Stitches.” The graphics and color palette have an organic, almost retro quality. Would you agree?

I like going with nontraditional Christmas colors when I wrap presents. I found this color palette over at Pinterest. It is one of the fall Pantone palettes from A Perfect Palette. They have such fun idea boards over there. I want to pin everything they pin!

Homemade Granola & *Freebie* DIY Holiday Gift Tag Printables on

Do you ever make homemade gifts? Packaging homemade recipes in jars is a really cute and surefire way to get some *smiles*

Homemade Granola & *Freebie* DIY Holiday Gift Tag Printables on

You need to have my new homemade Tropical Granola recipe…Do you love coconut? I sure do. It’s in the recipe.

It is really the best homemade granola ever. Stay tuned. I hope we don’t finish it before I photograph it!

Tropical Coconut Granola Recipe on

Do you like papaya? I do too. It’s also in the recipe…

Tropical Coconut Granola Recipe on

Mason jars are inexpensive and they sure do dress up really pretty! Have you had a chance to take a look at my post 15 Amazing Holiday Gifts for $15 and Under? One of our favorite gifts will cost you hardly anything at all. Check out my DIY Peppermint Candy Cane Marshmallows & hot cocoa. That’s in mason jars too!

Have you ever tried these little Stickles sparkly craft paints & glues? I love them. The colors razzle dazzle & I love saying the word “Stickles” over and over. Go ahead and say it. I bet you will crack a smile.

Sparkles Paints | Great for all kinds of holiday crafts on

They come in so many colors, when I am in the store I always load up on a few more. They have slender little tips so you can be pretty precise with your designs.

Sparkles Paints | Great for all kinds of holiday crafts on

Free holiday gift tags by Marla Meridith designs & photography

Yay! Time to download some gift tags…

Click the image of the tags below or head over to my Facebook fan page to get the link to download the file. I printed these designs on white matte coated card stock. If you have any issues with downloading this PDF, try right-clicking (‘Ctrl’ and click for the mac) on the download button and saving directly to your computer. You might need to calibrate your colors a bit on your printer…hopefully not.

*Freebie* DIY Holiday Gift Tag Printables on

Homemade Granola & *Freebie* DIY Holiday Gift Tag Printables on

Important Usage Information

I am so pleased to share my graphics with you. Before you download here are a few important bits of information.

The downloadable pdfs in this post (as are all the photos, recipes and everything on this blog) are free for the looking and are for personal use only. They are strictly not for commercial use. If you wish to incorporate any of my designs, photos, graphics in your own personal projects & blogs, please credit me and include a link to and/or this page. You may not not distribute any of my downloadable files. As a courtesy please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to this page. Thanks for understanding and taking the time to read this. Enjoy! ~M

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~ Marla Meridith

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41 thoughts on ““Vintage Stitches” Holiday Gift Tag Printables

  1. AH! Marla! You are super crafty! These are completely adorable and would do a really nice job dressing up any holiday gift. I also am LOVING your gifts for under $15 – had to re-post it on FB.

  2. I really love homemade gifts there so personal and pretty! I bought a huge pack of mason jars from target and it cost $8.99. Not bad, and it’s nice because there a kind of item that you can re-use over and over! I love the Tags, so adorable!! Oh,and I bought my gelatin so I can make your marshmallows!! I just love my baking/cooking weekend!!

    1. Jennifer, I bought my mason jars at Target too. Love the size they had there. I am so glad you like the gift tags. I had so much fun designing them. Brought me back to my days as a graphic designer. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the candy cane marshmallows. Are you gonna give them as gifts with the hot cocoa mix?

    1. Hi Che-Cheh, I am all about traditions with a twist. Bummer you can’t find mason-type jars in Malaysia. Bet there is some other cute packaging you could use. Take out containers would be fun too 🙂 Happy holidays!

  3. Marla –These are adorable! I am planning on giving some homemade marinara to my boys teachers this year. I have never done it and these tags will make it extra special! 🙂

    BTW-Check out my post today as I passed on an award to you!