How to: Sparkly Sugared Cranberries

Sparkly Sugared Cranberries are the edible gems of the holiday season! I’ve been meaning to share them here for some time now ~ an now the time is just right. Here’s how to make beautiful sugared cranberries which are the perfect adornment to so many festive treats…   How to: Sparkly Sugared Cranberries |   It’s amazing that all you need for these beauties is just fresh cranberries, water & sugar. Step 1: Prepare a simple syrup sugar bath with 2 cups white sugar & 2 cups water. Combine in a saucepan & bring to a simmer. Do not bring to a boil. Make sure sugar dissolves completely in the water by stirring well.   Cranberries-Marla-Meridith-BO1V7427   Step 2: Cool the syrup to room temperature, otherwise the cranberries will pop & you will be well on our way to cranberry sauce. Soak the fresh cranberries in the cooled sugar syrup, in the fridge for 8 hours or overnight. Make sure you have a plate or something gently pressing on the cranberries so they stay submerged.   How to: Sparkly Sugared Cranberries |   Step 3: Remove the soaked cranberries from the fridge. Place on a cookie cooling rack on top of a baking pan to drain for 1 hour. The cranberries will become tacky so the sugar will stick & they will sparkle!   How to: Sparkly Sugared Cranberries | Step 4: Add the 3/4 cup sugar to a bowl. Roll a handful of cranberries at a time to coat with the sugar.   How to: Sparkly Sugared Cranberries |   Step 5: Place the sugared cranberries on the cooling rack again to dry for one hour.   How to: Sparkly Sugared Cranberries |   Top all your favorite recipes with these beauties!!   For Recipe Details Click Here   Sparkling Cranberries by other Bloggers! coming soon ~ Save Save]]>

~ Marla Meridith

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  1. I just made a batch of these yesterday too! They are so good and I always have them around the house starting this time of year and for the next two months. They make everything so pretty and festive! Great photos, Marla!