Spooky Halloween S'mores

King’s Hawaiian for some time now & I love to share my recipes using their delicious dinner rolls. Since we are in the spooky month of October, I felt the urge to mess around. These Spooky Halloween S’mores came to me in a vision the other day while on a hike.   Spooky Halloween S'mores | Great for BOO fests & holiday themed parties!   Thank goodness for exercise in the mountain air….a great place to get inspired. I’ve been needing some creative inspiration and the outdoors is my ticket to success. That’s how I thought about making s’mores with King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls!   Spooky Halloween S'mores | Great for BOO fests & holiday themed parties!   I love the Hallowaiian theme they have going on now. What is Hallowaiian? YOU can enter to win a trip to Hawaii. How cool is that? Enter today when you are done over here.   Spooky Halloween S'mores | Great for BOO fests & holiday themed parties!   These s’mores are made a bit spooky with red food dye & festive with with candy corn & pumpkins. They take just minutes to prepare & are great for all of your Halloween parties & festivities! What are some of your favorite treats for this time of year? (Moose update: Pup is doing awesome after his porcupine attack & he is ready to hike the hills today! Thanks for all of your sweet & kind words.)   For Recipe Details Click Here   Halloween Treats to Love On!

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~ Marla Meridith

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26 thoughts on “Spooky Halloween S'mores

  1. Never would’ve though to make s’mores with dinner roll, but these are truly cute and spooky. I’m sure they are delicious!

    1. Thanks Sean ~ I really was super happy when this idea came to me. The softness of the rolls is a nice diversion from the usual graham crackers 🙂

  2. The King’s Hawaiian Rolls will give this dessert a nice sweet soft taste. I love this recipe and want to make these. They are so cute for Halloween!

  3. You are so creative, Marla! I love King’s Hawaiian and this is THE most fun use of Hawaiian rolls I’ve ever seen! I just got Skylar’s Halloween costume on the doorstep from UPS so we are all set 🙂 Hope you guys have a fun Halloween month!

        1. Ha!! I’m so not up with the princesses anymore. When I worked for Disney thats all I dealt with all the time ~ with a little Pooh & Mickey thrown in 😉 I’m sure Skylar will love her costume! xo

  4. STOP IT. You must have known I have a 5 year old nephew who has a total marshmallow and zombie fetish (wait, did that sound inappropriate? Not how I meant it). He is going to DIE over these.