Indian Spiced Sweet Potato Fries with Curry Aioli

If there is a constant in my life then it would be that I love sweet potatoes. Almost as much as I love coffee. And salmon. Well cake is a favorite too. The Alexia Foods Reinvent a Classic French Fry contest is coming to a close in a few days. I have been whittling away my time baking up all sorts of baked fry creations. Don’t worry, I still spend gobs of time outdoors doing all kinds of summer stuff too.

You might want to take a peek over at Georgia Pellegrini’s blog. I swaggered over there in my cowboy boots and plaid shirt to bring you a guest post. Love that girl, her blog and her glam pioneer cooking skills.

Baked french fries in red striped paper bags

In my last post I asked you guys how you like to picnic. There were some very enthusiastic answers. You guys picnic close to home, far from home and everywhere in between. outdoor entertaining


There is something about small children who run around in peacock costumes…..


Little boy in plush blue peacock Halloween costume


And mommy’s ski jacket……. on a hot July summer day.


Pink Jet Set Ski jacket on girl with brown hair


They were having loads of fun outside and their little fingers kept poking into my weekend photo shoot. It is really neat when they are home when I shoot photos. They enjoy watching the process and asking questions. Lots and lots of questions…..

We all know that the best part of a photo shoot is to eat the food. Little fingers are everywhere when they cross the magic line.


Little boy reaching into a red checker picnic basket

These fries are great as a side dish or appetizer. There is a nice sweet & savory thing happening. Curry lends itself nicely to a bit of sweet as does cardamom, garam masala and of course cinnamon.

Sweet Potato French Fries at Picnic on blog


Gotta tell you how much I LOVE Indian food. As a matter of fact a few of my favorite bloggers cook it up all the time. Have you ever seen Indian Simmer and Journey Kitchen? Prerna and  Kulsum are really sweet and inspirational ladies. They are amazing photographers, bloggers and pros when it comes to Indian cuisine.


Sweet Potato French Fries at Picnic on blog


Do you like Indian food? Do you ever make it at home? Any last minute ideas for French fry flavors for my Alexia challenge?


For Recipe Details Click Here


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~ Marla Meridith

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65 thoughts on “Indian Spiced Sweet Potato Fries with Curry Aioli

  1. There is a nice sweet & savory thing happening. = that is so me!

    I will admit, I am not a fan of curry. I also dont like garlic or onions or very much salt. Just call me a picky b*tch 🙂

    But…I do love sweet things! Big time! I have recipe for cinnamon, sugar, and ginger roasted fries that I really like and I love that you put garam masala in these. Such a wonderful blend!

    Your photography, as always, stunning.

    And so proud of you with this Alexia challenge!!!

    1. I know you are more a fan of *sweet*
      Your fries sound awesome by the way. The seasonings you mention amplify the flavors of SP’s in the best way!
      Your rainbow post today was a treat!!

    1. Hi Maris, I am much more a fan of the baked fries. Gotta admit that I have been seeing some pretty good potato salad recipes out there lately too.

    1. Courtney, these are lightly seasoned & you can adjust to taste. If you all ready like Indian food then chances are you will love these fries 🙂

  2. Marla – You are after my heart! 🙂 And you got it! Firstly, I have recently switched to sweet potato as go to carb and always looking to switch things up and this one is right up my alley. Secondly, I have recently found Georgia Pellegrini blog ( I know I’m behind!) and love her work. And thanks so much for the mention, I’m totally flattered!

    And for fries – I recently baked some French fries and sprinkled chat masala on it and very finely chopped coriander leaves. We LOVED it!

    1. Kulsum, those fries you made sound neat. I do not know what chat masala is. I will need to look that up. I am thinking it is not as common as the garam masala. Probably need an Indian marketplace for that? I love a little bit of SP for my carbs…a little goes a long way with all that flavor. I am thinking you need to do a guest post about Indian food here some day 😉

      1. Chat masala is pretty easy to get in an Indian store. Its a sour, earthy and salty spice mix widely used on snacks (also fruits salads) generally. Anything potato loves chat masala as it adds a kick to it. Its GOOD stuff 🙂 And guest post? Any time, I would love to!

        1. Thanks for that info Kulsum. I will look for that chat masala. Interesting that it is also used on fruits….I am working on my blog schedule so we can talk about when you can come on over here.

  3. Yummy yummy yummy! This reminds me of a nasty treat from Quebec in Canada called poutine. French fries and a mayo aioli mixture. Heart attack on a plate. Your recipe is way more flavorful and good for you!
    Once you have a sweet Potato you can’t go back to an ordinary potato.
    Love love love the photos!

    1. Angie, I have heard of Poutine, but never tried it. Think I will stick with my healthy version 😉 Would LOVE to get over to Quebec though…

  4. Love your blog and love these beautiful pictures. Such a fabulous recipe for a summertime picnic. You have a great blog and I can’t wait to see more of your tasty recipes! Yummmy.

  5. such a great idea to use indian spices for your seasoning. I always use chili powder, but the idea of a little garam masala – mmm mmm good! way to go, Marla. thanks for always inspiring me!

  6. Marla, those fries looks so delish – nicely spiced with garam masala. I agree with Kulsum on using chat masala. You can get it in and Indian ethnic or grocery shops. It’s readily available. And so delicious sprinkled on everything!

  7. Wow! Since I just successfully made my very own tikka last week, I think I’m an Indian food expert, right? So of course I’m going to try this recipe. Well done you, those look amazing!

  8. Oh my… those sound great! And what cute packaging! BTW, I can’t wait to get you out to the farm. As soon as I am out from underneath the beginning of this huge undertaking. John’s back in August. I’m guessing Sept will be a great month for a trip. Definitely bring the kids – they’ll love it! 🙂

  9. Ahh I have one weekend away from blogging and I nearly miss these little beauties!! :O Love sweet potato but always seem to fail when trying to turn them into fries, will be trying these for sure! 🙂

    1. Xialou, it is difficult to practice restrain with these fries. I have been dipping everything in that aioli. I love it with chicken kebabs too.

  10. Nom Nom Nom.. You know I love you right? I have even publicly displayed that then why do you need to cook up something like this for me to fall in love with you all over again? 🙂
    Curry powder and garam masala both? Me likey! Specially love that aioli you made. I would sprinkle a little chaat powder and some red pepper flakes over my fries with some ginger cooler on the side. YUM!!
    Oh, and thanks for the shout out you gorgeous lady!!

    1. Hi Prerna, since I posted this a few readers have recommended the chaat powder. I will now be on the hunt for that. I like the idea of all the little sprinkles & embellishments on the top. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  11. oh my. I’ve never had luck making sweet potato fries, and your spice combination and dip are super-super tempting.

    I guess the cornstarch with the spices helps them stick or keeps the outside crunchy?

    I’ve got to try this! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Dan! Honestly I did not feel there was much difference using the arrowroot powder or cornstarch. Everyone I compared notes with agree that it is really tough to crisp up a sweet potato fry. My recommendation is to enjoy them straight out of the oven. That is when the will be the crispiest. Over here we love them even once they lose that crisp. The flavor is addictive! Good luck & let me know if you find a way to keep them crunchy – without frying.

      1. I will!

        I do recall reading about someone who used panko breadcrumbs on their fries (and baked them). Dunno if the fries themselves turned out crunchy, but the panko must’ve made the outside a little crispier.

  12. These look sooo nummy! I adore the photos of your monkeys having a dress up picnic 🙂 There’s nothing like fashion, the outdoors and great fries to make a day perfect.

  13. I tried this yesterday evening. It came out really well. The dish was empty within minutes. Thank You so much for the reipe

  14. I just wanted to thank you for such inspiring recipes! I had the best time shopping for a few of your recipes today! This one was on the menu tonight and it was so yummy. I did add some fresh basil and parsley from my garden as well as lemon to the aioli and used Greek yogurt instead of mayo… Incredible! Best sweet potato fries Ive had yet! Thank you for inspiring me to eat well and take more time in the kitchen <3

    1. Thanks for your super sweet comment! So glad you enjoyed these SP fries. Best of luck trying more recipes. The basil was a great twist, as was the yogurt.