How do you Picnic? Alexia French Fry Challenge

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Are you guys having an amazing summer or what? Anyone traveling much? We have been having a blast over here. Mixed in with summer camp there are some vacations and a whole lot of outdoor play time. We love picnics. With the temperatures hotter, less time is spent in the kitchen & more time in the pool and at play. As we get closer to the submission date for our Alexia Foods Reinvent a Classic French fry recipe challenge (less than a week away.)

I want to know what you bring on your picnics? We always have our favorite sweet potato fries on hand…’cause we are addicted to them.

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Kids outside in CA with water guns. Summer fun. Of course we bring squirt guns. Life is more fun when you can drench your brother or sister.

Little girl in pink polka dot swim suit

Our picnics take place on the beach, parks and even our own back yard. Great views are fun. Amazing food is essential. There is something simple & fabulous about enjoying meals outside. Perhaps it is the sound of the gentle breeze and the ocean waves.

Maybe it is the chirping of the birds…..

Mountain Film in Telluride CO

Picnics by the pool are fun too. I love swimming, keeps me in great shape. Do you guys swim or do you prefer to lounge by the pool? I can’t sit still long enough to lounge.

Large swimming competition pool by Marla Meridith

My kids can’t get enough pool time. They also have a hard time sitting still.

Little kids in swimming pool on blog

Here are those sweet potato fries I was talking about…..They get packed in school lunch boxes as well.

Homemade sweet potato french fries recipe

See this picnic basket I found on Etsy? I want it. Don’t buy it before me OK?  You might get the last one. It is appropriately called the *Happy Day* picnic basket. Photo curtesy Little Lady Vintage. Did I mention that I am addicted to Etsy and Instagram these days.

Wicker picnic basket with colored plastic table servings

I have some great ideas up my sleeve for this French Fry competition that I cannot wait to share. But they are top secret, remember?

Here are some of our picnic essentials….

I would love to know about your Picnic Tips…..

  • Do you have a wicker basket or do you pack everything up in a back pack?
  • What are your favorite picnic foods?
  • Any tips to keeping cold food cool & warm food hot?
  • Do you have a favorite picnic blanket?
  • What toys and games do you bring along?
  • Any favorite magazines or books?
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~ Marla Meridith

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44 thoughts on “How do you Picnic? Alexia French Fry Challenge

  1. “I can’t sit still long enough to lounge”–haha that is SO YOU!! Well, I am not a great lounger anymore. Always have too much to do and feel like I am wasting time! There’s always a blog post to write, a photo to edit, hair to brush, a butt to wipe 🙂 or something else other than lounging to do!

    And I am loving IG and seeing your pics on IG and being on it myself. Wayyyyyyyy better for me than twitter which i use, and tolerate, but dont like. I however love IG!

    And the fries. Perfect! 🙂

    Next week or the week after, lmk if you have a Tues or Thurs midday open 🙂

    1. Yup, lounging makes me feel like I am wasting time. The only way I can do so these days is with a giant mug of coffee in hand and my laptop on my lap. Love being connected at all times. An issue I need to work on desperately. I think I can do next Tuesday. Let’s connect via email. Would love to see you 🙂

    1. Bev, sometimes the backyard is the best. I love not having to get into the car & drive. It is also really easy to dash in when you forget something. Thanks for sharing that egg salad with us. Looks amazing! I will need to try it 🙂

  2. Great picnic round-up! Love the picnic plates and eating utensils too. My boyfriend and I love to picnic. We actually bring a bottle of red wine and plastic cups, along with healthy food (and a treat)…kind of hush hush since legally we can’t drink at the park or beach. 😉

  3. Love the picnic basket!! We picnic quite a lot – with teenage boys it’s definitely cheaper than buying lunch!!
    Favorite foods would be pizza salad, good cheese and bread, fruit and of course, cookies!!

    1. Nancy, you are so right. I cannot imagine how much food is gonna cost as my kids get bigger. I hear that teenage appetites are unstoppable! Thank goodness for picnics 🙂 How is your hand??

  4. I LOVE a good picnic. I’m actually doing two picnic basket offers on OpenSky on Monday of these really cool “mod” picnic baskets I found. I love a great bottle of wine with my picnics especially : )

    1. Esi, swimming makes me hungrier than anything else in the world. Really. I could not imagine the intensity of swim meets and hunger. It is amazing the amounts of calories you burn in the pool.

  5. Picnics are a blast. My little guy and I love doing them at the park. I love the essential list. Some of our favorite things to bring are: smoothies, apples, cookies, sandwiches and Wheat Thins.

  6. We picnicked today–as you probably saw on Instagram. Yep, another addict over here. =)

    Must haves? A quilt, the boys small CamelBaks with water, a corkscrew (if there are a few adults!), and a camera. iPhone will do just fine, thanks. =)

    I think we’ll do it all over again tomorrow..

    1. Aimee I did see those photos from Instagram. Loved them! You were posting them as I way typing this post up. Beautiful photos and I was secretly wishing they were mine for this picnic post 😉

  7. Marla, now that kids are older, we don’t picnic much, but we do tailgate at their high school games. In fact we have a double header tomorrow, and everyone will be bringing something to share – I’m thinking of making some crostini with smashed white beans and olive oil, topped with grilled artichoke hearts and parmesan cheese.

    1. Jeanette, I want to be at your tailgate party. I would dash for your crostini first. Love the idea of the smashed white beans.

  8. Hi Marla. I am glad you are having an awesome summer with the children :). When I go picnicking I have a special picnic basket that I use, and I fill it will fruits, and vegis, and of course light sandwiches. Picnics are special here, and especially if we have one on the beach 🙂 We just love the outdoors!

  9. “Life is more fun when you can drench your sister or brother.” 🙂 Brought back memories… Our favorite picnic spot is our deck overlooking the lake, so the hot/cold food issue isn’t a problem with the kitchen just steps away (which we’re mighty grateful for, I might add.) Your sweet potato fries look awesome!

    1. Hi Kimby…..those squirt guns certainly are a blast! I still have fun with them too. It is fun when the picnic spot is beautiful & so close to the kitchen. More versatility in what you can bring to the party 😉

    1. Liz, they do not swim on teams yet. Certainly something I will be encouraging though. My little gal swims mostly everyday over the summer. My son is just learning. I was not a strong swimmer as a kid and I want them to be. It is so important for health, fitness fun & safety to be a great swimmer.

  10. Sadly, we aren’t able to picnic as much as I’d like but a favorite yum to have when we do is my awesome Chicken Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette. Perfect on a slice of fresh-baked baguette, with avo, brie, and/or lettuce 🙂

    1. Ariana, I would also love to go on more picnics. So worth making the time for. Honestly most of them end up in our backyard….still really fun though. The whole idea of eating outdoors is such a treat. your chicken salad sandwich sounds wonderful!

  11. I have an adorable picnic basket I’ve owned for years. It is one of many things on a shelf in my kitchen that I forget about. So thank you. A road trip this week to Snowmass and I’ve been thinking about how to store some food stuffs. That picnic basket might actually work…son of a gun!