Jekyll & Hyde Cocktails

Jekyll & Hyde Cocktails and these Pumpkin Spice Martinis! (Thank you AMAZING reader who pointed put that Jekyll is the good guy~white drink!)   Jekyll & Hyde Cocktails | Will be the HIT at any Halloween & Holiday Party |   Have you chosen your costumes yet? Ours are all ready to go. My kids picked out their costumes from the Chasing Fireflies back in August. Really. My daughter will be a spooky witch & my son a shark. They chose extra warm costumes this year because they clearly remember last years chill.   Jekyll & Hyde Cocktails | Will be the HIT at any Halloween & Holiday Party |   At the cocktail party my daughter & her 10 year old posse will be performing an Alice in Wonderland inspired play (my daughter wrote the script) To keep in theme my husband will be a Magic Mushroom & my bestie & I are Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum. We have matchy red tutus & leggings, propeller hats, polka dot bow ties & yellow tops. We will need lots of these tequila based cocktails to stay warm!   How to: Sparkly Sugared Cranberries | These libations are super simple to prepare & can be made just before your guests arrive. Jekyll (angelic) is white grapefruit juice, Patron Silver, agave syrup (love the way it stays at the bottom of the glass) and sugared lime + cranberry skewer. Hyde (devilish) is simply perfect with Patron Reposado, cranberry juice & lime juice. The sugared cranberry skewers make it extra special.   Jekyll & Hyde Cocktails | Will be the HIT at any Halloween & Holiday Party |   The contrast of the white Jekyll (hers) and red Hyde (his) will make quite the splashy impact at your gatherings. Showcase them in a dark area with light going through the glasses for extra impact! You can easily switch angel & devil roles with your partner if you wish. Don’t limit yourselves to serving these just at Halloween, they will be wonderful at all upcoming holiday celebrations!   Jekyll & Hyde Cocktails | Will be the HIT at any Halloween & Holiday Party |   Since today is Friday I think you should give these a test over the weekend & let me know what you think! Enjoy….   For Recipe Details Click Here   More Halloween Cocktails to explore….

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~ Marla Meridith

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28 thoughts on “Jekyll & Hyde Cocktails

  1. I thought the Petron Silver went with the white one and the Reposado with the red? They’re different in the recipe and the description above that.

  2. I love Halloween, I am already so excited!!
    These would be the perfect drink for the evening. I have some creepy champagne flutes with skeleton fingers wrapped around them and this cocktail would look amazing in them.

  3. These look delicious! One caveat… Dr Jekyll is supposed to be the good man, and Mr Hyde is the “monstrous” side of him.

    1. Oh my! Mistake…you are the first one to catch that. I can change 😉
      OK ~ I just changed the text. No time now for the graphic though! You are AWESOME for pointing this out to me 🙂