Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast


I scream, you scream we all scream for this….Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast. OK, so what if that doesn’t rhyme. I’m just really excited about this recipe! Lets make some sweet quinoa


Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast |


Quinoa isn’t just for savories you know. These days folks are using it in all kinds of recipes. If you love raspberries then this is certainly for you!


Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast |


I cooked this quinoa with some Star Anise…because I think it’s pretty & I like the subtle licorice flavor.


Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast |

Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast |


That’s a kind of weird close up but I quite like it….so I share with you.


Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast |


Here’s an image that’s a bit more elegant…lighter in feel.


Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast |


Bright green chopped pistachios add a little color kick. Raspberry jam adds another dimension too.


Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast |


I do believe you raspberry lovers out there will fall in love with this breakfast. Enjoy!



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~ Marla Meridith

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33 thoughts on “Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast

  1. Gorgeous raspberries! I just made a rasp dessert yesterday but I used frozen…LOL I can’t wait til fresh rasp aren’t an arm and a leg $ and I can make this with fresh! So pretty – pinned!

  2. I keep going back & forth on quinoa. For some reason I think I should like it. I mean, it’s not that different from millet & bulgur wheat, right? But of all the recipes I’ve tried, I only like one. So far. I could see trying this. I do love fresh fruit.

    1. Hopefully we can get you to love quinoa too! Be sure to rinse it before you cook it….some have a bitter taste if you don’t do that.

    1. Do I feel honored or what Matt! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and sweet compliments right after you brand new son was born! You & your wife are amazing! Enjoy & love on your new son 🙂

  3. I just made it this morning, and it has a really good taste but these seeds feel like I am eating a mouthful of small stones. I stirred for 20 min from the point it started boiling, maybe it was not enough? Its is first time I try quinoa btw.

  4. I cook my quinoa once a week in my rice cooker, divide into 5 Tupperware containers, then use my very small Tupperware containers, and put 1 tablespoon each of flax, chia, and hemp. In the morning I add 12-15 red rasberries, skim milk and microwave 1 min 30 sec. and viola ! Healthly and filling !