Roasted Maple Coconut Apple Butter

This apple butter is like nothing you have ever tasted. It is rich, creamy, vegan and absolutely irresistible. What makes it so different? I roasted all of the ingredients before I puréed them. What you have here my friends is a dip that doubles as a applesauce and creamy, guilt free spread.

Enjoy it throughout the day with crackers, toast or crusty baguette. Or by the spoonful.


Roasted Maple Coconut Apple Butter |


I slather it on pancakes and french toast. Also crusty whole grain bread like this…


Roasted Maple Coconut Apple Butter |


Looking for a fun way to eat veggies? Dip carrots in your apple butter…


Roasted Maple Coconut Apple Butter |


Dip apple in Maple Coconut Apple Butter.


Roasted Maple Coconut Apple Butter |


Try a whole bunch of things and let me know what you dipped. Or what you spread this on. Or if you just ate it by the spoonful.


Roasted Maple Coconut Apple Butter |


Roasted, oven baked apples….not only do they smell amazing but they bring out the richest flavor possible. I love roasting all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The caramelization the heat creates is like nothing else.


Roasted Maple Coconut Apple Butter |


For this recipe you must roast first. I pinky promise it is well worth your time.

Don’t forget a steamy cup of coffee ~ it makes everything better at breakfast time doesn’t it?


Roasted Maple Coconut Apple Butter |


Do you ever make apple butter? Any unique twists or flavors to your recipe?


Roasted Maple Coconut Apple Butter |


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~ Marla Meridith

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64 thoughts on “Roasted Maple Coconut Apple Butter

  1. Thanks for the link-back! I love your site–the colors in your photos are gorgeous! I’ve only started to attempt vegan baking/cooking, so I’ll have to add this to my repertoire 🙂

  2. I love the idea of this complex flavorful apple butter – but what made me chuckle was reading your post as if it was a 50 shades recipe:
    “Try a whole bunch of things and let me know what you dipped. Or what you spread this on…” Has family Fresh gone X rated?!!!

  3. Okay, so the apples are roasting in the oven as I type this. Can’t wait for the finished butter! I just need to find a BIG spoon 🙂

  4. I love this so much! I was just talking to someone about how much I love when a recipe is so beautifully, “accidentally” vegan. No substitutions or excuses just a celebration of produce. This is totally one of those recipes. Pinning immediately!

  5. just made this butter for the first time …it is whole house smelt delicious..roasting the apples absolutely makes all the difference. going to use these for thanksgiving gifts.once roasted the apples as is make a very delicious desert as is added to Greek yogurt or coconut whipped cream added to it. I used Honey Crisp mainly with a few Fuiji apples. key to remember is to use ONLY organic apples as skin is used so you dont get shellaced skin (google what shellac is made from and you will never not use organic apples) . thanks Marla 🙂

  6. What a inspired butter! I love coconut oil…and so I’m sure this would be a hit. Especially with a loaf of freshly baked bread. Thank you for sharing good food and inspiring words. Much needed on this somewhat cooler October morning. I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  7. I just love apple butter, Marla! I’ve never made my own, but where I grew up in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada, we were lucky enough to have a very present Mennonite community, and they made and sold the yummiest apple butter. To be honest, it’s never dawned on me to make it myself, so I look forward to giving your recipe a try! Truly beautiful images too, Marla. xo

  8. Oh Marla I am loving the flavors in this butter! I recently made cashew butter and literally want to dive into the jar and live it it! This looks like another one of those kind of recipes!

  9. Just came across this site few nights ago, and this looks AMAZING. I’ve been wanting a healthy fruit spread for some time now and this would definitely do the trick and be so simple for someone like me who is basically a beginner in the kitchen. Dying to try this out. Question though, do you core and seed the apples before you roast them or do you use the entire apple in this? You didn’t specify, I’m inclined to think you use it all but wanted to check.

  10. I just made this today, and its absolutely phenomenal. SO wish I would have doubled the recipe, as it was gone before I knew it. Rich, creamy flavor-it was awesome on toasted Ezekiel bread! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  11. Holy cow, this was delicious!! OMG!! We made it for a “Taste of ___” competition during maple sugaring time. I think some people were a bit put off by the title, because it sounds kinda weird. But I told them that this was deceptively delicious. It wasn’t very sweet, and you can’t really taste the coconut. It was absolutely awesome!! I did see a few people write this down for the competition (no word on who won).
    We had a bit left over, and I was glad, because my son got to try it, and we added some Crown Royal Maple to it. OMG, I didn’t think it could get any better, but it did!! I want to make another batch, just so I can eat it all!
    Thank you – this was AWESOME!!

    1. I just realized that I peeled the apples when I made it. Guess it didn’t matter much.

      BTW, I want to eat it by the spoonful.

    2. I’m thrilled to hear about this competition & that you chose my recipe to try for the win! I wish I could try that freshly tapped syrup.