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Holiday Gifts for Mountain Lovers

By Marla Meridith / December 4th

With those that are obsessed with the mountains, the passion runs deep. As much as the sea is beautiful, the mountains beckon us always. "Go where you feel most alive." Alpine folks say the beauty of the peaks stops them in their tracks every single time. Gazing at towering vistas invites one to be humble. Feelings of grandeur overwhelm the ...Read More

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

By Marla Meridith / November 28th

I hope you all have a wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends! I'm so grateful to all of YOU, my highly engaged audience. It's so wonderful and inspiring to share recipes, musings from Telluride, CO. and all kinds of fashion/travel and life adventures with all of you. I love hearing your feedback and all about your ...Read More

Apple Cider Mojitos

By Marla Meridith / November 27th

With winter officially here in the high country it's time to think about festive seasonal cocktails. Apples and cinnamon spice prevail this time of the year and they beckon with their beautiful aroma. Apples and apple cider line market shelves, the reds, greens and yellows beg to be taken home. Apple cider is delicious on it's own, but in these ...Read More

Chickpea Stuffed Acorn Squash

By Marla Meridith / November 25th

There's no reason to leave the vegans out for Thanksgiving. This Chickpea Stuffed Acorn Squash is the perfect main for plant based diets. Filled with flavor and insanely healthy, this is a recipe you will also want to bookmark for the January...for those post holiday healthy eating New Year's resolutions. Click HERE for recipe details. ...Read More

Louisiana Remoulade Sauce

By Marla Meridith /

If you've never tried a classic Louisiana Remoulade Sauce then it's time you do. If you already know this sauce well, then it's time you have a great recipe to whip up at home. Remoulade is a mayonnaise based sauce that's flavor is defined by mustard, garlic, paprika and cajun seasonings. Tabasco adds a nice bit of heat and you ...Read More

Cranberry Upside Down Cake

By Marla Meridith / November 23rd

How is your holiday planning going? This time of the year can be super stressful, but trying your best to plan ahead is a smart thing to do. I must admit that I'm not the best at that! However, I do know doing so will limit stress the night before and on the actual holiday. This Cranberry Upside Down Cake ...Read More

The Ultimate Ski Fashion Guide: Everything You Need to Hit the Slopes in Style!

By Marla Meridith / November 21st

Looking for what to wear on your next ski vacation? I've got you covered. You can shop for everything right here...from your base layers to that smokin' haute ski outfit! (what I'm wearing in the photo: ski suit Cordova, Goggles POC, beanie Heidi Leibt) [show_ms_widget id="36029797" image_id="41896175" width="600" height="918"] Here in Telluride, CO. skiing is a big thing. Personally, my ...Read More

Skillet Salmon with Bacon & Lentils

By Marla Meridith / November 13th

Feeding my family healthy meals is very important to me. My son is super active at school and he comes home starving, even after munching on snacks. Thankfully he loves salmon, which is something I like to regularly include in my healthy meal planning. In France Salmon with Lentils is often found on the menu at local bistros and cafes. ...Read More

Winter Essential: Fair Isle

By Marla Meridith / November 7th

It must be because I live in the mountains that I love warm clothing and accessories sweaters, beanies, scarves... Fair Ilse patterns have always held a special place in my heart and my collection grows each winter. This cold weather classic is great for layering and so charming with a handmade feel. There are many many beautiful selections out there ...Read More

Video: Delicious Food & Libations in Vail, Colorado

By Marla Meridith / November 2nd

Last winter I was a buddy for the Epic Dream Job. My travels took me to the slopes in Vail, Colorado. This was the last stop for the famed adventures that took videographer/content creator Jackson Lebsack around the world on an EPIC ski pass. With him and the folks I got to experience lots of skiing and culinary ...Read More